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Welcome Dazz Cleaner to your home. Healthier family, healthier pets and a healthier planet, it doesn’t get better than this! 

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Bathroom Cleaner

DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner is designed to be a great every day cleaner for showers, tubs, counters, sinks, toilets, and faucets. Specially formulated to remove soap scum, hair products, toothpaste, and other messes you would expect to find in the bathroom.

What’s more? DAZZ outperformed Clorox in a side by side test.

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Window & Glass Cleaner

DAZZ Window & Glass Cleaner is designed to cut through hard water stains, greasy finger prints, and other foreign matter. Use it on windows, mirrors, stainless steel, and on any surface where a streak-free, high shine is desired.

What’s more? DAZZ outperformed Clorox in side by side testing!

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All Purpose Cleaner

DAZZ All Purpose Cleaner is formulated with safe, natural ingredients and highly effective at cutting through grease, oils, and sticky messes of all kinds. It is a versatile cleaner that works great on all hard surfaces both inside and outside of homes.

What’s more? DAZZ outperformed Clorox in side by side testing!

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Hey there,

We’re the Shahans.

We are your typical middle class American family. Working parents, two kids, a variety of pets (that’s our Yorkie, Tiny, in the picture), all living in your average home in your average suburban neighborhood. We could be the Jones, the Smiths, or the Johnsons, we’re probably a lot like you and your family.

Like most responsible parents, we strive to provide a safe, nurturing household to live our lives and raise our children in.

And so… we set out to create the most effective and safe cleaners for our children and pets. Our creation beat the industry leaders in each category. Our Window & Glass Cleaner beat Windex, our Bathroom Cleaner beat Clorox, and our All-Purpose Cleaner beat Formula 409. And best of all, unlike them, we did it without any toxic chemicals. No bleach, no strong acids, no alcohols, and no ammonia. Plus, unlike our stinky competitors with those harsh chemicals, DAZZ smells terrific.

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We’re excited you’re joining us, and we are very proud of what we have created for you. By providing a means for families to reuse their spray bottles,

we’re keeping tens of thousands of bottles out of our landfills. For once, being environmentally responsible doesn’t have to hurt and at $1 for a bottle, making the environmentally responsible choice becomes easy.

From our family to yours, thank you for joining our growing list of Dazzling Families.

Have a DAZZLING Day.

The Shahans

Why Is DAZZ Better For Your Family & Pets?

One of the leading independent testing labs in the US, TURI Laboratories at University of Massachussets, tested DAZZ and the results clearly showed that DAZZ cleans as well or better than the leading brands. See test results.

Child Friendly

Children and pets have a lot in common. They get a lot of the information about their surroundings by putting stuff in their mouths.

Since the US Government does not require chemical manufactures to list their ingredients… they typically don’t. We, at DAZZ, voluntarily list all our ingredients on the label. We’re proud of the naturally safe selection of ingredients we’ve carefully formulated, and we want our customers to know exactly what they’re buying… and potentially what their children may ingest. Your home will be CLEANER and you’ll rest easier.

Pet Friendly

Pets face enough challenges in the world without us adding to them. But thats exactly what we’re doing with the household cleaners we’re using. Most contain harmful chemicals that leave dangerous residues behind. Unlike humans, pets have no qualms about sniffing or even licking the floor, or other freshly “cleaned” surfaces.

DAZZ is formulated with naturally safe ingredients derived from plants and minerals. Heck, we consume most of the ingredients in DAZZ in our daily diets. Surfaces cleaned with DAZZ are clean, hygienic, and best of all, SAFE.

Pocket Friendly

You’re intention is to buy the Cleaner, but you’re mostly paying for a new bottle (psst.. the old one you threw away was perfectly good, just empty), a bunch of water, shipping and handling cost, and finally, a little bit of cleaning chemical. Well isn’t that what you really needed to buy? That’s where DAZZ is different. You only pay for what you need… the cleaner. Refill your own bottle with simple tap water, drop in a couple of DAZZ tablets and save a ton of money.

Environment Friendly

Most consumer plastics are chemically formulated to last… forever. Which means every piece of plastic we discard (we = 7.5 billion world population), will be with us forever. Plastic waste is recognized by most scientists as potentially the greatest threat we are facing today. But DAZZ is different. DAZZ provides a way for consumers to reuse their cleaning bottles again and again, saving the world one bottle at a time.

Dazzling Reviews

Nick Kakanis | Knoxville, TN

Dazz Cleaner is magical. Seriously, when you drop the tablets in, a freaking Genie pops outand cleans your stuff. (DAZZ management note: Obviously, this customer is overly excited about the product and no Genies are going to pop out of our bottles…they’re more like cleaning fairies.)

Mary Elizabeth Alexander |
Oak Ridge, TN

I just recently tried DAZZ for the first time… I LOVE it! Not only is it less expensive than my usual brand, but it also out performed it as well. It just proves that you don’t need all those smelly, harsh chemicals to get the job done right. Plus, no more throwing out spray bottles. What an environmentally responsible product.

Lawrence Sanek | Tampa, FL

We split the cleaning duties in our house, my wife does the Kitchen/Master Suite/Great Room and I get the 2 bathrooms (as it should be according to her) and today I used DAZZ Bathroom cleaner for the first time – excellent product. Gone is the soap scum, gone is the nasty lingering chemical smell, I am a very fussy house-husband. I am convinced – great product!

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