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Sunstate Laboratories Introduces Money-Saving Cleaning Products That Help Eliminate Plastic Waste

DAZZ household cleaners utilize advanced technology to deliver superior cleaning solutions in easy to use tablet form. Consumers only pay for the ingredients that actually clean, saving up to 75% off traditional ready to use cleaners.

PR Newswire Sunstate Laboratories – December 15, 2014 9:00 AM
TAMPA BAY, Fla., Dec. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — More than one billion cleaning spray bottles are discarded every year in the U.S. alone, estimated by Sunstate Laboratories, LLC – a costly and wasteful practice that inspired the company’s signature product, DAZZ. DAZZ is an economical, environmentally friendly household cleaner in concentrated tablet form that allows consumers to reuse their spray bottles, rather than throw them away.

“We sought to create a cleaning product that provided consumers an alternative to the costly and wasteful cleaners available today,” said David Shahan, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at Sunstate Laboratories. “For generations, household cleaners have only been available in ready-to-use bottles, creating a ‘use once & throw away’ cycle. DAZZ breaks this harmful cycle by providing consumers easy-to-use concentrated cleaners that can be used in any spray bottle – giving consumers the benefit of reusing existing bottles, thereby saving money while also being environmentally responsible.”

Plastics recycling has always lagged behind all other forms of recycling. According to the EPA, only about 9% of plastic is recycled – largely because there are seven distinct types of plastic, each identified by a specific resin code and requiring different recycling processes. Plastics must be separated by hand, a costly and laborious process that often results in cleaning bottles being rerouted to landfills, even if faithfully put in a recycling bin. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “the cost of producing virgin materials is often less than the cost of collecting and processing post-consumer plastics.”1

The DAZZ Difference: A Household Cleaner that is Environmentally Responsible, Highly Effective, and More Economical

DAZZ tablets produce a cleaning solution when they are mixed with tap water. Consumers simply drop two effervescent cleaning tablets into a spray bottle filled with water. Because the concentrated cleaning tablets may be used in any bottle, they encourage reuse of containers rather than recycling.

Other advantages include price and performance. DAZZ costs about 75% less than traditional ready-to-use (RTU) household cleaners. The tablets take up far less storage space than the liquid-heavy RTU brands and are less costly to store and transport, which reduces costs throughout the supply chain.

Cleaning Up Against the Competition
DAZZ outperformed the leading brands in a study at the TURI Lab at the University of Massachusetts. DAZZ Window & Glass beat Windex; DAZZ All Purpose beat Formula 409; and DAZZ Bathroom beat Clorox.

Other manufacturers have attempted to introduce concentrated cleaning products in the consumer market, but failed. Some have required the use of special bottles with complicated chemical delivery systems, others have required careful mixing of liquid solutions, and most have been priced at or actually above traditional ready-to-use brands, with no cost-saving incentive for consumers.

“We wanted to take a smarter approach to developing DAZZ,” explains Shahan. “After years of research and development, we then took the appropriate steps to ensure that DAZZ is easy to use, perform as well or better than the leading brands, use only naturally safe ingredients, and be more affordable than ready-to-use cleaners.”

DAZZ is available in either a starter kit (which includes a spray bottle), or a box of four refill packets. An adhesive label is included in each refill box in case a customer already has a spray bottle they can use. Once mixed, DAZZ’s natural ingredients are not harmful to children or pets.

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About Sunstate:
Founded in 2012 in Tarpon Springs, FL, Sunstate Laboratories, LLC is committed to developing innovative, cost-effective and environmentally responsible household cleaning products that help to address the global concern of plastic waste and its impact on the environment.

The company’s signature product, DAZZ, is a unique innovation in household cleaners. By concentrating a tough-on-dirt / safe-for-families cleaner in tablet form, DAZZ eliminates most of the packaging and all of the water. Customers save up to 75 percent off of traditional ready to use cleaners by simply reusing the same bottle and adding their own tap water with two DAZZ tablets. Scientifically engineered with only safe, natural ingredients, DAZZ formulations contain no harsh chemicals yet outperform the leading national brands in side-by-side independent testing.

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