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SunState Laboratories Spearheads Sustainable Consumer Cleaning Products in Tampa Bay–Tests Against National Brands and Wins

Monday, 26 Jan 2015 | 12:40 PM ET

TAMPA BAY, Fla., Jan. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The cleaning product that beat out major name-brand household products competitors is issuing a challenge to Tampa Bay area businesses to follow in its footsteps, by sourcing locally, conserving resources and becoming more sustainable. DAZZ, SunState Lab’s product, is an economical, environmentally-friendly household cleaner in tablet form that may be used with consumers’ existing plastic or glass bottles. When tested against industry leaders at the TURI lab at the University of Massachusetts, DAZZ Window & Glass beat Windex, DAZZ All Purpose beat Formula 409, and DAZZ Bathroom beat Clorox. SunState is a pioneer in the environmentally-sustainable cleaning products arena; however, despite local programs by corporate retail giants, the ability to get one’s foot in the door is not as easy as might appear to be.

Historically, household cleaners have only been available in ready-to-use (RTU) bottles, creating a “use once and throw away” cycle. DAZZ has broken this harmful cycle by providing consumers with easy-to-use concentrated cleaners that can be used in any spray bottle. This product gives consumers the benefit of reusing their existing bottles, thereby saving money while also being environmentally responsible. Products like DAZZ meet a growing need for sustainable products among environmentally-conscious consumers. According to research from Cone Communications, 71% of consumers consider the environment when they shop, and 45% actively seek out environmental information about the products they buy. (1)

“Tampa’s economic vitality and growth depend upon sustainability,” said David Shahan, SunState CEO and Chief Innovation Officer. “Hiring and sourcing locally, and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand with a profitable, sustainable enterprise.”

Despite national chain stores having programs to help local suppliers, the task of getting to the decision-maker can be daunting, and many times getting a call back or an appointment never materializes. Big-box store local programs, such as that of Wal-Mart, have similar corporate sustainability goals. Wal-Mart’s top three are:

1. to be supplied by 100% renewable energy;

2. create zero waste; and

3. sell products that sustain people and the environment.

“Big box stores such as Wal-Mart that choose to invest in the local community create a significantly positive impact,” noted Shahan. “With a mission of environmental sustainability, Wal-Mart doesn’t have to limit its local relationships to just our farmers. It seems to be a natural extension to build local relationships with companies that produce environmentally-sustainable cleaning products.”

Shahan is not new to the cleaning industry nor to business. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1987, he started a mobile dry cleaning and laundry pickup/delivery service, and received his Master Dry Cleaner certification from the International Fabricare Institute. After selling that business, he turned his focus to the janitorial industry, and over the next 20 years, he built one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in Florida. In 2012, he began formulating an innovative line of environmentally-safe cleaning products in concentrated tablet form. In June of 2014, he “retired” to ramp up SunState Laboratories and expand his DAZZ cleaning products to local, regional and national stores.

DAZZ tablets produce a cleaning solution when they are mixed with tap water. DAZZ costs about 75% less than name-brand ready-to-use (“RTU”) household cleaners, and takes up far less storage space than the liquid-heavy RTU brands. For distributors and retailers, DAZZ tablets are less costly to store and transport, which reduces costs throughout the entire supply chain.

In addition to the environmental benefit, there is an economic benefit to the Tampa area. Shahan applauds Tampa Bay companies that have already created sustainable models, some of which have received awards from the Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa Bay, Inc.:
● Florida’s Noble Juice uses eco-friendly, plant-based packaging and low-volume pulse-drip irrigation/variegation systems to reduce water and fertilizer use by 50%.
● EVOS, an organic fast-food chain with roots in Tampa, offsets a third of its energy usage with renewable wind energy.
● Creative Sign Designs constructs environmentally-friendly signage that reduces waste and pollution and maximizes the use of recycled materials.

DAZZ products have five traits which align with local supplier programs:
1. Price. DAZZ refills are about one-quarter of the cost of the major RTU brands.
2. Simplicity. DAZZ is simple. Drop two tablets into a bottle full of tap water, and clean.
3. Performance. DAZZ was formulated to beat the major brands at cleaning.
4. Timing. With rising consumer awareness of plastic waste, people are ready to reshape their buying habits to help make a difference.
5. A Strong Environmental Message. DAZZ has minimal packaging with little waste, and is made from natural ingredients that are not harmful to children or pets.

“SunState’s mission is to create innovative products that are safe, tough on dirt, and encourage environmental sustainability,” says Shahan. “I’d like to see local programs foster the ingenuity of local suppliers more than they are currently doing—not asking for a handout…just a chance.”

About SunState:

Founded in 2012 in Tarpon Springs, Florida, SunState Laboratories, LLC, is committed to developing innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible household cleaning products that help to address the global concern of plastic waste and its impact on the environment. The company’s signature product, DAZZ, is a unique innovation in household cleaners. By concentrating a tough-on-dirt/safe-for-families cleaner in tablet form, DAZZ eliminates most of the packaging and all of the water. Customers save up to 75% off of traditional ready-to-use cleaners by simply reusing the same bottle and adding their own tap water with two DAZZ tablets. Scientifically engineered with only safe, natural ingredients, DAZZ formulations contain no harsh chemicals, yet still manage to outperform the leading national brands in side-by-side independent testing. All three DAZZ products beat the industry leader in each category at the University of Massachusetts’ TURI lab. DAZZ Window & Glass beat Windex, DAZZ All Purpose beat Formula 409, and DAZZ Bathroom beat Clorox. The DAZZ logo and retail package design won a 2014 Silver Addy award in the Packaging Campaign category. For more information, visit and

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