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191044Bottles saved from the landfill since 2014

The re-fill system that ends plastic waste and saves you money.

A cleaner way to clean your home
You clean to remove dirt, not to invite harsh chemicals and toxins into your home. Our smart, innovative cleaning tablets are not only safe for your kids and your pets, they’re environmentally sustainable, economical, and they outperform leading brands in side-by-side testing.
Smarter performance
Leaving out the harsh chemicals doesn’t have to mean a less effective cleaner. In fact, one of the leading independent testing labs in the US, TURI Laboratories at University of Massachussets, tested DAZZ and the result showed that DAZZ cleans as well or better than the leading brands. Now that’s a truly smarter way to clean.
If you’ve already got spray bottles, refill them with DAZZ. Our Refill Packs are a great value and always include a DAZZ label. If you don’t have a bottle, begin with a DAZZ starter kit. It’s the last plastic cleaner bottle you’ll ever have to buy.
Why is Dazz better?
Children have a way of touching everything in the home. Since the US Government does not require chemical manufacturers to list their ingredients… they typically don’t. We voluntarily list our ingredients on our packaging because we have nothing to hide. We’re proud of our safe selection of natural ingredients and we want our customers to know exactly what they’re buying. Your home will be CLEANER and you’ll rest easier.
Most household cleaners contain harmful chemicals that leave dangerous residues behind. Unlike humans, pets have no qualms about sniffing or licking the floor, or other freshly “cleaned” surfaces. DAZZ is formulated with safe, natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals. We actually consume most of the ingredients in DAZZ in our daily diets. Surfaces cleaned with DAZZ are clean, hygienic, and best of all, SAFE.
Most consumer plastics are chemically formulated to last… forever. Which means every piece of plastic we discard (we = 7.5 billion world population), will be around the planet longer than we are. Plastic waste is recognized by most scientists as potentially the greatest threat we are facing as a society today. DAZZ lets you reuse your cleaning bottles again and again, so you can feel good about the amount of waste you’re saving from landfills
Your intention is to buy the cleaner, but you’re mostly paying for a new bottle (psst.. the old one you threw away was perfectly good, just empty), a bunch of water, shipping and handling cost, and finally, a tiny amount of cleaning chemical. With DAZZ, you only pay for what you need… the cleaner! Refill your bottle with your very own tap water, drop in a couple of DAZZ cleaning tablets and save a ton of money on your cleaning costs.

Hey there,

We’re the Shahans—your typical middle class American family.

Working parents, two kids, and a variety of pets, all living in an average home in an average suburban neighborhood. We’re probably a lot like you and your family. And like you, we strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment for our children. We try hard to limit our children’s exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins. That’s why we set out to create our own line of safe, natural, and economical household cleaning products.

Turns out, we are not the only ones! People everywhere are raving about Dazz. Which has inspired us to dream big! Our goal – with your help – is to revolutionize the spray cleaning industry and have everyone mindfully choosing Dazz as the better choice all around.

Thank you for joining the Dazz revolution!

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Dazz Cleaner is magical. Seriously, when you drop the tablets in, a freaking Genie pops outand cleans your stuff. (DAZZ management note: Obviously, this customer is overly excited about the product and no Genies are going to pop out of our bottles…they’re more like cleaning fairies.)


Knoxville, TN



I just recently tried DAZZ for the first time… I LOVE it! Not only is it less expensive than my usual brand, but it also out-performed it as well. It just proves that you don’t need all those smelly, harsh chemicals to get the job done right. Plus, no more throwing out spray bottles. What an environmentally responsible product.


Oak Ridge, TN



We split the cleaning duties in our house and I get the 2 bathrooms. Today I used DAZZ Bathroom cleaner for the first time – excellent product. Gone is the soap scum, gone is the nasty lingering chemical smell, I am a very fussy house-husband. I am convinced – great product!


Tampa, FL



I’m super excited about the DAZZ products! I have all of them. I LOVE the convenience. Just drip a tablet in with water and poof… you’ve got cleaner!! This is a quality product. I feel great using Dazz over all the others because it’s more environmentally friendly. They all smell great and they leave everything smudge free and CLEAN!


Greenville SC



Safe for us, our animals, and Mother Earth


Spring Hill, FL

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